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North Falmouth Congregational Church Profile Inventory

May 2018

During May of 2018, in support of generating a church profile to be used in the search for new pastoral leadership, the Transition Team of the North Falmouth Congregational Church conducted a survey of the church. The survey was provided to both members of the congregation and active nonmembers. Developed by the Harford Institute for Religion Research, the on-line tool used was specifically developed to help UCC churches better understand their membership.

The on-line survey link was provided in the Congregation newsletter, by email, by a snail mail copy to those members without or unknown email addresses and finally, via announcement and link on the Transition Team’s web portal. For those not computer literate, hard copies of the survey were offered at the church office. The Transition Team also offered three “after service” sessions for those wishing a tutorial to complete the survey.

While the survey offers many insights into the congregation, the Transition Team’s primary goal was to generate better demographic information. The entire results of this self-study will be shared with church council for their discernment as well as presented to the congregation as a whole in the near future. For the purposes of this profile, a synopsis of the demographic and some church satisfaction results is provided below.

  •          Sixty people submitted surveys with 53 completing all questions
  •          70% of the respondents have been members 10 years of longer; 36% have been members 20 years or longer.
  •          90% of the participants travel 15 minutes or less to/from the church. 92% responded they attend services at least once a month.
  •          72% responded they are members of a church committee, group or organization
  •          73% of respondents state they contribute $1,000 or more a year to the church (note: this reflects individual respondents; not households. Two or more members of a household may be represented in this result)
  • ยท         Generally speaking, the congregation is satisfied with the worship services offered to the congregation
  •          57% of the respondents prefer a 10 AM time for Sunday services while 34% desire an earlier service option
  •          The respondents are generally satisfied with the Christian Education program.
  •          When asked what attracted respondents to the church 52% selected “worship style”, 47% “responded the minister”, 38% said the “youth program” and 30% “because their friends attended”. (Note: respondents could give more than one reason)
  •          When responding to what keeps respondents attending, 66% responded “worship style”, 58% said “because my friends are there” and 50% said “the minister”. (Note: respondents could give more than one reason)
  •          The vast majority of respondents feel the physical assets of the church are adequate to meet the needs and are generally in good repair.
  •          80% of the respondents were 55 or older with 38% reporting older than 75
  •          70% of the respondents were female
  •          72% were married and 18% widowed
  •          28% responded as living with children in the household
  •          76% have a college or post graduate degree
  •          60% responded as being retired and 67% reported living in the area 20 years or more
  •          85% reported annual household income of $50,000 or more
  •          All respondents classified themselves as white

Summation: Our congregation is generally older, married, well-educated members who live close by. The majority are retired and have been members of the congregation for many years. They are generally satisfied with the worship style and Christian Education program.  They give generously and are active in church organizations.

In January of 2018, the Transition Team was formed to generate a Church Profile to be used in the search for a new pastor. After many months of prayer, conversation and fact finding, the Transition Team has completed the Profile.  

Below, please find a link to the Profile in it's entirety. The document is password protected (same as the Church Directory.)   

A hard copy of the Profile is available at the church office during business hours as well. The Team wishes to thank all in the congregation who offered their prayers and input into this process and wish the Search Committee the best of luck during their important task. 



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